Heeeeeere’s Episode 10!

Good morning, and welcome to the final episode of the Scream Team. We talked about The Shining and Maniac this week, and then we discussed our own top 10 favourite horror movies. We also played about 15 minutes of SOMA before it became too distracting.

It’s been fun. Thank you all for listening.


Episode 9

Good morning and welcome to our second-last episode of Scream Team. This week we went back to 1987 and talked about Clive Barker’s Hellraiser. As well, we reminisced about one of our favourite horror games.

Next week there won’t be a new episode because of Remembrance Day. The week after that will be our final episode. We’re going to make it as amazing as we possibly can for you. It’s been a blast, and we sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed our podcast. See you on November 18!

Episode 8 Is Finally Here

After a plethora of technical difficulties and blunders, episode 8 is here. We tried to watch Hatchet and… well, you’ll hear what happened. We also discussed Cube for a short while.

Don’t forget to send some love on Facebook and Twitter. Episode 9 will absolutely be up tomorrow. Stay tuned and thanks for listening!